Architectural/Structural design for the Truck Loading /Lashing Area & Logistics /Excise Office

Detailed Engineering for Architectural /Structural design for the Truck loading/ lashing area /Excise office

Client- Hindalco, India

Year- 2016

Detailed Engineering – Tail Gas Scrubber System

Detailed Engineering for TGS Plant including Process, Mechanical, Piping , Electrical, Instrumentation  Civil and HSE.

Client- Hindalco, India

Year- 2016

Detailed Engineering and Studies for Piping Network for SaverGlass Plant & Pressure Vessels

Detailed Engineering and Studies for Piping Networks, Conceptual and Development of Piping Layouts, Isometrics, Supports for Glass Manufacturing Plant. Design and Detailing of Pressure Vessels.

Client- SaverGlass, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

Year- 2012

Binani Zinc Tamzinco Project

Detailed Engineering for adopting TAMZINCO technology to improve the efficiency of leaching section by increasing the recovery of precious metals like lead, silver and zinc.

Client- Binani Zinc

Year- 2012

Detailed Engineering for Tail gas Treatment Plant

Detail Engineering for the Installation and Commissioning of the Tail Gas Treating Plant

Client- Binani Zinc

Year- 2012

Detailed Engineering for Cooling Water Replacement Piping project

Design basis, Equipment layout, pipe GA drawings, isometric drawings, stress analysis, tie-in list, piping MTO

Client- JINAN LLC, Abu Dhabi

Year- 2007


Sr No Client Name Year Brief description of the Project
1 TATA PROJECTS 2015 Engineering Support Services for Civil & Piping
2 TATA PROJECTS (BOKARO) 2017 “Detailed Engineering Services” offered shall be fully confirming to Scope of work/ Tender documents/MR/Datasheets/Drawings/ Specifications as given by TPL/CLIENT
3 AFCON Infrastructure Limited 2017 PreBid Engineering Services Including FEED Validation for CAIRN Raageshwari Gas Field Development Tender.
4 ROCHEM SEPARATION SYSTEM PVT LTD 2017 Providing Detailed Engineering Services for Piping, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation & Quality Assurance & Quality Control work for our Client’s project at Tripura
5 WIPRO Water(Wipro ENTERPRISES PVT LTD) 2018 3D Modelling (on PDMS) of all Equipments along with Piping, Supports, Cable Trays (as envelopes) within the plant battery limit. (based on Approved PID’s Layouts, Equipment GA’s bought out GA’s concept routing of piping & trays, E&I Inputs, PMS, VMS etc.)
6 H-Energy Pvt Ltd (HEPL) 2018 Mangaluru Integrated Gas Project. Jaigarh Mangalore Natrual Gas Pipeline. West Bengal Integrated Gas Project (Including KSPL,KHPL & KFPL), Visakhapatnam Integrated Gas Project.
7 Sterling & Wilson 2018 Project Management Consultancy for Cairn India Limited’s “MBA Field in RJ-ON-90/1 Block” for expediting the project.
8 Sterling & Wilson 2018 3D Modelling (on PDMS) inside Cellar Pits of “MBA Field in RJ-ON-90/1 Block” for Piping, inline & offline Instrumentation & Cable Trays. GADs, ISOs & MTO extraction. RFQ & TBE preparation based on the previous formats.


Civil And Structural

Civil & Structural department the most latest division of PEC, with its strong quest for standardization finds its slot in the winning mob of Petrocil Engineers & consultants


Electrical dept is capable of delivering the following industry standard submittals in line with client expectations.


Instrumentation division of Petrocil showcases the classic model where world class knowledge acquired through long years of experience blends with young energy,


Mechanical department combines experience & database possessed over the years, along with the thrust of young engineers graduated from top technical institutions.


  • Pipeline Engineering Narrative
  • Scope of work for Topographical Survey
  • Pipeline Material Take-off


Piping department with the aid of high end softwares like CAESAR II has capability in delivering the following in line with the industry expectations


The process division with a thick blend of internationally experienced engineers & with the aid of high end softwares available,

Rotating Equipment

  • Data sheet for Pumps
  • Data sheet for Compressors
  • Data sheet for blowers and other equipment’s


  • Fire water demand calculation
  • Project safety Plan


  • Reliability Study
This is generally done to identify the dominant failure modes in a system and to solve the dominant failure modes.


  • Study for the location of the Corrosion Inhibitor and monitoring System for corrosion and probes.

Design and Drafting

  • Process flow sheets
  • Piping and instrumentation diagrams
  • Piping Layout